Practical planning

Many advisors just want to manage your portfolio. However, we believe that investment management is but one aspect of successful wealth planning. Before we can properly advise you on your portfolio, we need to understand your individual situation. Our thorough planning process typically includes multiple meetings before any specific investment recommendations are presented.

Our clients are generally professionals within fifteen years before or after their target retirement. This time period entails considerable financial decision-making and our process is designed to ensure that you make smart choices to benefit you and your family for the long-term. We have significant experience working with healthcare professionals and are familiar with the retirement plans of most Boston-area medical employers. We also enjoy educating and supporting single, divorced and widowed women.

Our clients primarily live in the Boston area and hold between $1MM and $6MM in investment assets. In some cases, they left an advisor who was not a fiduciary or did not offer planning; in other cases, they handled their finances themselves in the past but now want to outsource the work to an experienced planner whom they can trust. We know that our clients aim to be good financial stewards of the financial resources they have earned, saved or inherited.

Our planning process begins with identifying and refining your goals. Then we work hard to understand where you stand today and where your current path is likely to take you. Our objective is to identify specific actions you can take to reach, and then sustain, financial independence.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your estate planning is in order and that appropriate insurance coverage is in place. If you do not have experts in these areas, we will provide referrals. If your team is in place, we can work directly with your attorneys, accountants and insurance agents to coordinate your support. Let us make this easy for you.

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