Your finances are very personal so find an experienced planner with whom you feel comfortable.
— Debbie Levenson, MBA, CFP®


We limit the number of new clients accepted each year to ensure that all clients receive the personalized attention they deserve. As an experienced planner with the latest technology and a strong network of experts, Debbie can focus on your individual needs. She is a careful and empathetic listener and knows each client personally – beyond just their finances. She recognizes that each client brings a unique set of goals, worries and sensitivities.  

“It is a joy and a privilege to help my clients become more confident and in control of their financial lives.”



New clients will benefit from our thoughtful and thorough planning process. After the initial planning is complete, we re-evaluate all key areas at our annual review meetings. You will always have a smart and dedicated advisor at your side as new issues arise and your goals evolve.

"My goal is to serve as your personal CFO – responsible for providing advice on all financial questions. My interest in helping you extends to your newly launched children. I enjoy educating the next generation as they begin their careers.”




We put our clients’ interests first. Period. This goes beyond our fee-only approach and 100% fiduciary commitment. We will always provide clear, objective, professional advice that is in your best interest. For example, we will never advise you to assume a larger home mortgage in order to increase your investment balances. Debbie is a straight shooter and will be both honest and direct in communicating with you.

“My parents taught me that the most valuable asset anyone can own is his or her good name. Nothing matters more than my integrity.”



We are different from brokers or insurance agents who may identify themselves as planners but get paid for the products they sell. We sell no products and have no outside owners or affiliations with financial firms that could bias our recommendations. As an independent advisor, we can freely choose from a very wide universe of investment options.

“My firm is independent so I answer only to my clients. I use my judgment and experience to determine the optimal financial plan and investments for each client.”