managing your wealth with
wisdom and care

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Levenson Wealth combines practical financial planning with evidence-based investing. Debbie Levenson launched her boutique firm to provide a limited number of clients with highly individualized attention. Her mission is to help her clients organize, understand and enjoy their financial lives.

Debbie Levenson MBA, CFP®

Debbie Levenson MBA, CFP®


Debbie Levenson is an experienced financial planner who can help you define and reach your personal and financial goals. Her Bain consulting background, Harvard MBA training and years of experience as a successful advisor at a larger wealth management firm, enable her to deliver high-quality advice to her clients.



practical Planning

You will benefit from thoughtful financial planning across a broad range of topics. We listen carefully to understand who you are and where you want to go. Then we apply our analytical tools and personal wisdom to help you get there. We act as a fiduciary – putting your interests first 100% of the time

intelligent investing

We apply an evidence-based approach to investing. We believe that markets are efficient so we build globally diversified portfolios using primarily low cost index investments.  We add value in your investment management by focusing on areas we can control such as diversification, costs, and tax efficiency

fair fees

We are strictly fee-only. By not accepting any third-party payments, we can be objective in our recommendations. We believe in the importance of planning, so we include financial planning in your investment management fees. Our fees are competitive with firms that manage your investments but offer no planning.



We are a boutique practice so you will work directly with Debbie. No need to worry that your chosen advisor will leave the firm or delegate your relationship to a junior employee. 


Everything about your finances is on the table. We believe the best way to help you is by serving as your personal Chief Financial Officer – advising you on a broad range of financial topics.  


We provide objective, professional advice tailored to each individual’s situation. We are strictly fee-only and we always serve as a fiduciary, putting your interests first. 


As an independent advisor, we can select from a wide universe of investments. We receive no commissions or referral fees of any type. We have no outside affiliations that could bias our advice.